5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop with Adam Barley in Montreal

23 Nov – 25 Nov, 2018, Montreal

There’s really only one problem — how we respond to fear.
And there’s really only one solution — to love.
Yet how?
How do we find the courage to move through our fears, stand in the integrity of our anger, let sadness wash us totally clean?
How to bring joy to a world that’s so often heartless?
Where can we find the compassion in which all our wild and crazy feelings find their resting place?
How do we fall in love with love, over and over again?

Moving through the 5 rhythms we constantly explore these questions, making the journey from frozen fear to love in motion, where the experience of feeling becomes a wild and passionate meditation. We make these steps on the dance floor, so that the pathways are there for us in day to day life.
The rhythms are deep and vital medicine for our personal and cultural hang-ups, unleashing the part of us that is truly a warrior, healer, friend and lover.

As the structures of our world are breaking down in so many ways, we need each other more than ever — to break down the walls within and between us.
Yes, we need to befriend our own hearts, but let’s not stop there, let’s go on to reach out and touch the world.

Time to sweat our stuff, let the spirit of all things take us through and beyond whatever is holding us back in life, to the place where we are one dance,
one voice,
one heart.

Théâtre Aux Écuries
7285 rue Chabot
Montreal Qc H2E 2K7
23 Nov. 19h – 22h
24 & 25 Nov. 12h – 18h
$275 / $255 early-bird till Aug. 23rd
Cancellation policy:
Full refund minus a $35 admin fee till Sept. 23rd;
50% refund from Sept 24th to Oct 23rd minus $35 admin fee; no refund as of Oct 24th, unless replacement is found (a $35 admin fee applies.)
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