5 Day 5Rhythms Retreat
Eastern Townships
August 7-11 2024

We are flesh and bone, particles and waves always in motion, ever changing.
We are made of stardust and mud, tides and wind, comets and quiet.
We are energy that has taken shape.
Our bodies carry our truth, our hearts hold our connections, our minds create our stories, and our souls weave all these dimensions together.
In this workshop we’ll connect to our essence, feel into our resistance, catalyse transformation, dissolve old patterns, recombine energy and invite our whole Self to shine.
We’ll let the map of the 5Rhythms guide us each day on a journey to the pulsing well of mystery from which we bubble up.
CENTRE TARA There’s the pond to swim in, the forest paths to wander, the Crystal Field to experience, the crystal veins to feel beneath your feet with every step…
As well as delicious fresh food, comfortable accommodations for all budgets, a sauna…
OTHER ACTIVITIES Hakomi and Focusing sessions guided by Mitsiko Miller will add to our explorations.
Art & Ritual projects will open more doors to our creative nature.
Optional yoga, meditation, and a massage therapist on site round things out.


A gift of time and space for you to feel into the many dimensions your life holds.

Prices range from $1200 to $1500 depending on accommodation choices, ALL INCLUSIVE: lodging, meals, teaching, activities, taxes

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