Lynne Adams

Actor, dancer, chocoholic and certified 5Rhythms© teacher.

Lynne Adams at work
A lover of edges and depths, I’m a heart explorer and a wild soul curious about this dance with life.

I believe that coming home to our bodies in a compassionate and creative way is key to healing this world, one step at a time, one dance at a time.

I discovered the 5Rhythms© after a total hip replacement left me depressed and in constant pain. A dear friend (bless her forever!) suggested I try it, so I took a class. And to my amazement and joy, I danced for two hours – without pain. There began my homecoming to this practice that speaks to both my body and soul.

This path has taken me around the world and, more importantly, deep inside myself. I dance to discover and expand the vocabulary my body has, to connect, to find the disconnect, to meet resistance with breath and sweat, transforming it into new shapes of possibility. I dance to understand and accept my body’s changing needs, finding ways to allow rather than coerce, invite rather than force; I’ve found power in gentleness and courage in letting go. I’ve discovered a dancing tribe of dedicated souls committed to embodiment, awareness, expansion and creative change.

I teach this transformative practice to share how the dance floor is a mirror to our lives. It gives me hope, ’cause the way I see it, being in your body is the first step to changing your world. And we are the change we’ve been waiting for!

TribeConnections is my part in this global movement of re-awakening ourselves to our potential and purpose.

So I dance to shimmy and shake my wobbly bits into a state of grace.
And I can’t wait to dance with you.

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